Have you ever thought what is the meaning of each finger for rings? Take a look
what each finger represents and how the right ring can make a difference.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try in life, certain things don’t really seem
to go our way! This is the time when few opt for astrology as a guide to improve
our lives. Palm reading, numerology, tarot cards etc are some of the ways which
experts in this field claim to help a person to improve present status. Well,
the one thing I have noticed is the advice given by many such experts to wear
finger rings. These finger rings when combined with specific birthstones help to
create a balanced effect for many issues in one’s life. But, have you ever
wondered what is the meaning of each finger for rings? Does having a ring on a
particular finger signify something deep? Well, lets take a look at meanings of
rings on fingers.

What is the Meaning of each Finger for Rings?

The thumb symbolizes the will power in a person. This finger is connected with
the inner self of a person. In case you have been told to wear a ring on this
finger, you would need to be especially attentive to the changes that happen in
your life. The ring would then help to boost your willpower.

The index finger represents authority, leadership and ambition. This finger is
considered to represent a certain kind of power. This was particularly seen in
the ancient days when powerful Kings wore rings on their index finger.
Therefore, wearing a ring on this finger would help you get a boost in this

The middle finger represents individuality of a person. Located in the middle,
it symbolizes a balanced life. Wearing a ring on this finger would help you to
add balance to your life.

The ring finger is the fourth finger. This ring finger of the left hand has a
direct connection with the heart. Therefore, the wedding ring is worn on this
finger. It also represents emotions (affection) and creativity in a person.
Wearing a ring on the right hand would help you to become more optimistic in
your life.

The little finger represents everything about relationships. This finger is all
about our associations with the outside world as compared to the thumb; where in
the latter is all about the inner self. This little finger represents our
attitude towards others. Wearing a ring on this finger would help one to enhance
their relationships particularly in terms of marriage and helps to improve
business relationships as well. It also helps to change a person’s attitude
towards relationships for better. The creativity is associated with emotional as
well as material things.

Rings are thus an important entity amongst all jewelry items. Before you plan to
wear any kind of ring, it’s better you consult a professional to know about the
kind of jewelry to be worn. Be it a diamond ring or an engagement ring, a
wedding ring, or a promise ring, one cannot ignore the beauty of these rings as
fashionable jewelry. So, it’s not always a person wears a ring only for
religious or other such beliefs, but there are many people who choose to opt for
it only as a fashion statement! Well, no matter what the reason, finger rings
sure do enhance the overall look of the wearer!

By Kashmira Lad

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