Ancient protection symbols have been around for many centuries and they offer mental and psychological relief to many people who believe in their powers. Every culture that has flourished throughout history has their own beliefs and protection symbols that they have turned to in their time of need, and these symbols have had different influences on people. The same symbol can mean different things in cultures at different points in time, but the unifying factor behind all protection symbols is that they protect people from negative energies and evil spirits.

If you are looking for protection symbols pertinent to a particular culture, you can easily find Celtic protection symbols, Wiccan protection symbols, Hindu protection symbols, Freemason protection symbols, and many other spiritual protection symbols. Here you will find a list of the most commonly seen and recognizable protection symbols that may have stood for different things across various cultures.

Protection Symbols List

ALL-SEEING EYE: Represents the all seeing and omnipresent eye of God. Also represents spiritual insight and clarity, higher knowledge and inner vision. See more religious symbols.

ALCHEMY: This symbol is made up of a circle, square and a triangle. It represents the harmony of all the various elements in the world, by depicting them as geometrical shapes.

ANARCHY: A symbol representing the freedom to do as one pleases, without being under the oppression of any external forces.

ANKH: A cross that originated in ancient Egypt, which represents the powers of the sun and the concept of reincarnation. Read more about Egyptian symbols.

BAT: A conflicting symbol that represents good luck in the East, but demonic forces in the West.

BUTTERFLY: A reference to the transformation of the human soul into something magical and more knowledgeable.

CIRCLE: An ancient symbol representing wholesomeness, fullness, the Goddess and unity.

COW: Represents reincarnation to Hindus, enlightenment to Buddhists and the sky Goddess (Hathor) to Egyptians.

CRESCENT MOON: Islamists believe that this symbol represents the victory over death and evil forces.

CROSS: Christianity’s symbol of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.

DOUBLE-HEADED EAGLE: Represents victory, authority, power, the Gods of the skies and the Sun.

DRAGON: Represents a magical protective force in the form of an animal in Oriental cultures. The Bible though views a dragon as a representation of Satan. Read more on Chinese symbols.

DREAMCATCHER: Said to chase away bad dreams and only let the good dreams pass through.

FROG: A symbol of fertility in many cultures across the world.

HEXAGRAM: The ‘Star of David’ for Jewish people. Many beliefs draw a circle around it and view it as a symbol of God’s Divine Mind.

ITALIAN HORN: A protection symbol that also brings good luck and sexual power to the wearer. Here are some more good luck symbols.

MIRROR: Used for looking into the future and determining the best course of action one should take.

MASKS: Pagan beliefs view masks as a symbol of animal power, the spirit of Nature and the power of ancestors.

OM: A Hindu term that is used for meditating and waking up one’s consciousness. It is considered to be the most sacred of all prayers and mantras.

PEACE SYMBOL: Also known as Nero’s Cross, it symbolizes the concept and message of world peace. Read more about signs and symbols of peace.

PHILOSOPHERS STONE: An ancient stone used for alchemistic purposes. Represents spiritual awakening and transformation.

PHOENIX: A universally recognized symbol for rebirth and rising from the ashes of defeat.

SCARAB: Represented the Sun in ancient Egyptian culture.

SPHINX: The Guardian of Mysteries and Secrets, who thrives on knowledge and riddles. The Sphinx has the body of a lion, and the head of a man.

SPIRAL: Synonymous with the circle. Represents evolution, continuity, fertility, the female womb and the ancient Goddess for many religions.

SQUARE: Represents the physical world that we see. The four corners represent the four directions.

SUN: The ruler of the World, and the harbinger of light. All cultures have always paid homage to the great Sun God.

SUN AND MOON: The symbol of unity and duality. Similar to the Yin and Yang concept of the East.

TONGUE: Represents fire, power and fertility.

TOTEMS: Depicting animals as the ancestors of man. Totems signify a homage to our roots.

TRIANGLE: Symbolizes the number 3. An upward pointing triangle signifies male power and fire. A downward pointing triangle signifies female power and water.

UNICORN: A legendary creature that signifies healing, wisdom, purification, eternal life and power.

WHEEL: Represents the ‘Circle of Life’ or cosmic unity.

WHEEL OF DHARMA: A Buddhist symbol representing reincarnation and life. See some more symbols of Buddhism.

WISHBONE: An ancient symbol of good luck.

YIN YANG: A Chinese symbol representing the concept of duality, and the need for two complementary forces. It also signifies unity between opposites. Read more about the Yin Yang symbol meaning.

These were some common protection symbols that are sported by people from all corners of the world. Each individual has a separate view of each of these protection symbols, based on his upbringing and culture. Ultimately, all protection symbols bring the wearer good fortune, wisdom, power and protection from evil spirits.


By Rahul Thadani
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