What is New Age Anyway?

It’s people taking responsibility for their own lives, not blaming others for their problems. It’s people who deliberately decide to learn and grow.

It’s people who don’t have to be right, except for themselves.

It’s people seeing problems as lessons, perhaps in a long series of lives and lessons.

It’s people who believe we are what we think we are, and can change ourselves by changing our thinking.

It’s people who feel they can change the world by changing themselves, not by trying to change others.

It’s people who search for strength from the universe by going inside themselves.

It’s people that recognize that love doesn’t have to have conditions attached.

It’s people knowing and loving themselves in order to better know and love others.

It’s people who see others as not better nor less but rather different than themselves, yet part of the same whole.

It’s people that choose their own path rather than follow dogma.

It’s people honoring your right to your own path, not theirs.

It’s people who realize that now is all we have, since yesterday is just a thought and so is tomorrow.

It’s people interested in owning themselves rather than things.

It’s people who see joy in life rather than pain, having experienced enough pain already.

It’s people curious about extra sensory perception and all it implies.

It’s people in all walks of life, from business persons to flower essence healers, psychologists to UFO investigators.

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New Age is not a religion with a hierarchy of priests and rituals, seeking converts, though some new-agers choose some ritual.

New Age is not often gloom-and-doomers, though many are concerned about ecology, the economy and other forces that affect our world.

New Age is not a movement based on guilt, anger, fear, or hurt, it is a journey toward the love that is our god.

New Age is not allegiance to one master; it is learning from many masters in the quest for the oneness of god [all that is].

New Age could not become a cult because of what is said above.

New Age is not just humans doing, it is humans being.

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