soapmaking0[1]BASIC SOAP MIXTURE

The basic recipe is used throughout, with various ingredients added. Once you have had some practice, you can create your own combinations using this recipe :

· 375g caustic soda

· 1 kg water

· 750g coconut oil

· 1,2 kg vegetable shortening

· 750g olive oil


Steep 115g dried or semi-dried calendula flowers (pot marigold) in 115ml olive oil in a jar, sealed, for two to three weeks, then strain oil. A faster method is to steep dried calendula flowers in water and use strained infusion in place of all or part of the water called for in the recipe (Or combine both methods). This makes a very mild baby soap.

· 1 quantity basic soap mixture

· 120g calendula-infused olive oil


The comfrey root gives the soap a special healing, soothing quality as well as a beautiful dark violet color. Collect and dry enough comfrey root to produce 110g ounces of powder (about a 1 foot root). Roots must be thoroughly dry before you pulverize them in a food processor.

· 1 quantity basic soap mixture

· 60g lavender oil · rosemary oil · aloe extract

· 110g comfrey root powder


In the heat of summer, peppermint soap is a good choice. It has a way of cooling the hottest skin and easing mild sunburn. When travelling long distances, keep a ‘sniffing bar’ of peppermint soap on the dashboard to keep you awake.

· 1 quantity basic soap mixture

· 120g peppermint oil


Add a small amount of lemongrass oil to lemon vinegar oil to fix scent.

· 1 quantity basic soap mixture

· 120g lemon verbena oil

· 15g lemongrass oil

· 30g turmeric for color (optional)


This soap has proven very effective against nappy rash.

· 1 quantity basic soap mixture

· 15g chamomile oil

· 120g lavender oil


Rosemary works wonders as a pick-me-up first thing in the morning.

· 1 quantity basic soap mixture

· 120g rosemary oil

· 55h each powdered dill weed and rosemary


The cornmeal in this soap gives it a rough texture, perfect for scrubbing. Follow the general instructions for making the soap mixture, then blend 2 cups of the soap mixture with the cornmeal and whip it with a wire whisk to remove lumps. Return this mixture to the soap kettle and stir in the essential oils before pouring the soap into mold.

· 1 quantity basic soap mixture

· 110g ground cornmeal

· 90g lemongrass oil

· 30g cedarwood oil


This shaving soap has a high percentage of cinnamon oil, which stimulates and lifts the beard for a close shave. This soap is tricky to make as the cinnamon oil must be dribbled in quickly while stirring or it will streak the soap. This soap also thicken unusually fast, so be ready to pour it into the mold as soon as you’ve stirred in the oil and the optional ground cinnamon.

· 1 quantity basic soap mixture· 120g cinnamon oil· 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon (optional)Soft Herbal Soap using dry herbs:For use in baths or washing hands.1 1/2 cups dried Herbs1 1/2 quarts water2 cups shredded pure soap (like Ivory)1/2 cup borax. In an enamel saucepan, combine the Herbs and water. Bring to a full boil. simmer for about 30 minutes to release the oils of the Herbs. Re-heat slowly and add the shredded soap and borax. Stir while adding the last two ingredients. Boil gently for about 3 minutes. Cool. Pour the soap into covered containers of your choice. For the strongest aroma, use Herbs like rosemary, lavender & thyme. The oils from these Herbs seem to linger on your skin longer. I like to make these soaps into tiny soaps shaped like different things…….circles, squared, seashells, stuff like that. I then tie them up into colored netting and decorate with ribbon and silk flowers and give as gifts. They can be used to wash with or just as sachets. ( A simple way of doing this is using ice cube trays and filling the 1/3 full only. Let them set, then just simply twist and pop them out.)Another way of using these soaps for gift giving is to get smaller (or larger) sized mason jars with the screw on lids. Fill the jar with little shapes of herbal soaps , close lid, and decorate with ribbon and silk flowers. The best gift of all is the one you present to yourself when you use this herbal soap.

Exfoliating Soap for Dry Feet

Ingredients: 9 oz. suspension melt & pour base 3/4 tsp. 250 IU vitamin E oil 1/4 tsp. raspberry seeds 1/4 tsp. blueberry seeds Raspberry fragrance oil Blueberry fragrance oil Peppermint essential oil FDC dye

Instructions: Melt soap base in a double boiler. When melted, remove from heat. Stir in the Vitamin E oil. Add the desired amount of fragrance and essential oil. Add the dye 1 drop at a time until soap is light green. Add the berry seeds and stir. Pour into molds. Let it harden.

Buttercream Bar

This facial cream bar smells wonderful and leaves your skin silky soft and gently fragrant

Ingredients: 4oz goats milk melt and pour base 1 Tbsp powdered whole milk 1/2 tsp of hydrolyzed silk amino acid 8 drops of buttercream FO 8 drops of vanilla FO

Instructions: Gently melt the soap base over a double boiler until liquid and then allow it to cool slightly. Stir in the powdered milk and silk amino acid. Lastly, add fragrance oils and pour into a soap mold of your choice. This is an excellent face and body bar. ENJOY!

Citrus Blast M&P Shampoo Bar

Ingredients: 1lb opaque M&P base 1t almond oil 4t shea butter 1 1/2t castor oil 1oz beeswax 1 1/2oz cocoa butter 2-3 drops orange fo/eo 2-3 drops lemon fo/eo 2-3 drops grapefruit fo/eo colorant (optional)

Instructions: While soap base is melting, combine oils, beeswax and butters and melt separate from soap base. Combine soap base and oil/butter mixture and stir constantly until cooled. Add fragrance and color. Pour into molds and allow to cool. Package as desired.

Cocoa Vanilla Layered Soap A pretty layered soap

Ingredients: 2 oz clear melt & pour base 2 oz white melt & pour 10 drops chocolate fragrance 10 drops vanilla fragrance Cocoa powder or brown colorant

Instructions: Melt the clear soap in double boiler and add the cocoa powder to get a nice deep brown color and a natural cocoa scent. Alternatively, you could also let the clear MP cool slightly and form a light skin, then sprinkle it liberally with the cocoa powder and swirl loosely with a toothpick before pouring. This will cause a swirl effect of chocolate instead of a clear brown. Let it cool briefly. Add 10 drops chocolate fragrance oil if you wish. *You may wish to make this bar extra special by adding a little cocoa butter to the brown batch*. Pour into a mold, filling halfway up. Let the clear sit for about twenty minutes until it is slightly tacky at the top. In another pan melt the white soap. To this you may add a little shea butter or coconut oil. Allow the melted base to slightly cool and then add vanilla fragrance oil. After letting it cool a few more minutes, pour over the cocoa colored soap. Let the soap sit for a few hours to firm. Overnight would be best. Pop out and voila! Layered Chocolate-Vanilla Soap! Some other ideas are: Chocolate-Peppermint Honey-Almond Lemon-Orange Mango-Shea Use your imagination!

Cucumber Ivy Mint Swirl Soap Refreshing and invigorating, wakes you up!

Ingredients: 1 pound opaque soap base 1 tablespoon cucumber oil 1 tablespoon English ivy oil 3-4 drops peppermint oil light green mica

Instructions: Melt down the soap base and scent. Pour 1/2 of your scented base into a glass-measuring cup and color as desired with the green mica. When your base cools to about 120 degrees, you are ready to pour. Take the colored base and the white base and begin to pour them on opposite sides of the mold, making one pass to create an “X” pattern. When you are finished pouring, take a spoon or pop stick and create a slight swirling motion in the soap. If you swirl it too much you will get a solid color. Allow to cool and package as desired.

French Citrus Bar Super Cleanser for Oily Skin

Ingredients: 8 oz M&P (clear or opaque) 1 tsp French Green Clay 1/2 tsp Lemon Peel Powder 1/2 tsp Orange Peel Powder 1 tsp Jojoba Oil 5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil 5 drops Lemon Essential Oil 2 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil

Instructions: Cut up the Melt and pour soap into small chunks and gently melt in the microwave or in a double-boiler. Add the clay, citrus powders and the jojoba oil and stir thoroughly. Add essential oils and stir again. Pour into molds. Makes about 2-3 bars. The clay and citrus powders draw off the oils in your face; the essential oils are antibacterial. If you have only slightly oily skin, you may want to use a light moisturizer afterwards.

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